Rosettes of Distinction

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  We offer many fabulous rosette ranges and styles. These are available is different sizes and colours.

After choosing the Style of rosette you want you will be able to click through to the 'Ribbons Page' to choose either satin ribbon or for a small extra charge you could include tiers of tartan, metallic or printed ribbon.

We print the centre boards to your specification so on the 'Centres and Motifs page' you can choose a suitable motif and centre colour.

You will be able to personalise your rosette in 'optional extras' where you can add longer, wider tails, printed tails or have the rosettes made in oval shapes.


Click on picture link to see larger image and details of range.

ascot thumb

THE ASCOT is a generously knife pleated traditional rosette made in high grade satin ribbons. The Ascot Range is unbeatable value for money. 

derby rosette

THE DERBY is made up in wide box pleated ribbon giving a superb full and textured look

national thumb

THE NATIONAL is a stunning rosette, beautifully made in a combination of box pleated outer tier and knife pleated inner tier/s giving a real appearance of depth. Always a popular choice.

epsom thumb

THE EPSOM is a single tier of box pleated 36mm ribbon. it is based around a 68mm centre board making this stunning single tier rosette aprox 5ins (13cm) in diameter. This is a very simple yet attractive rosette for any occasion.

oaks box rosette

THE OAKS (BOX) as the Oaks (knife) is made around a 68mm centre board. The only difference is in the pleat style, here a beautiful, deep box pleat is used.

oaks (knife) rosette

THE OAKS (KNIFE) is a wide knife pleated rosette with tiers set around a 68mm centre board, thus making the rosettes larger in diameter. For example, two tier rosettes measure the same a three tier rosettes from one of the other ranges.

leger thumb

THE LEGER is made in a tight box (Elizabethan Collar) pleat incorporating a maximum amount of satin ribbon making it that special rosette at the top of the range


THE GOLD CUP is a little bit special with it's outer tier in gold tram line ribbon. It has three tiers of box pleated ribbon around a 50mm centre board. This rosette certainly has the WOW factor.

windsor rosette thumb

THE WINDSOR is almost a trophy in itself. Two and three tier box rosettes made up in glitter metallic GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE ribbon with matching or contrasting satin ribbon tier to give added depth.

Hamilton Rosettes

THE HAMILTON (TARTAN) is our tartan roange. Two tiers of clan tartan in box pleat for this price is a luxury you can afford. Choose from six stunning Scottish Tartans.

stock rosettes

STOCK ROSETTES are ready made up in one and two tier knife pleat. Centres can be printed to your specifications. Ideal for any emergency.

championship rosettes thumb

CHAMPIONSHIP.ROSETTES are luxurious styles made in gold, silver and metallic ribbons.


Metallic Champ Rosettes

METALLICCHAMPIONSHIP.ROSETTES are made in luxurious styles from gold, silver and bronze metallic ribbon.